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Debt collection

Debt collection

Bridge Legal's core business is the collection of outstanding invoices, rents, debts and much more.

With our wealth of expertise and specialisation in debt collection law, our firm is guaranteed to turn your case around quickly. Your case will never lie dormant for more than a day.

Our firm also offers a unique system that reduces your costs close to zero by recovering our fees almost exclusively from your counterparty.

Bridge Legal calculates its fees based on the results we have effectively achieved.
In brief, our clients never run the risk of being confronted with excessive and unexpected invoices at a later stage.

One process, one partner!

Your cases are always handled from end to end by the same legally qualified contact, so that no useful information is overlooked — right from the initial amicable discussions to the conclusion of court proceedings — and so that your case is always in the hands of someone who knows exactly what’s going on

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Our debt collection experts are always available to help. Feel free to visit our Antwerp office at any time to discuss your case. Together, we’ll decide the best approach to take. Our lawyers will subsequently ensure your outstanding invoice is paid in full.

> 82% success rate (2018)
> Debt collection lawyers with more than a decade of experience
> Submit your debt collection case in just five minutes

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