Diligent philosophy

Our firm mainly specialises in both amicable and judicial debt collection — both nationally and internationally — with a strong emphasis on speed and effectiveness, but with respect for the values and standards of our clients and debtors.

Transparency regarding our fees is of the utmost importance to us. We will always endeavour to recover the full amount of our fees from your debtor in the first instance, so that your contribution to our charges remains at zero and so that we can recover the full amount of your outstanding invoice, without any additional costs.

Once we’ve received your case (invoices, terms and conditions, purchase orders and/or contracts and any reminders already sent), we immediately create both a digital and physical file. A notice of default or writ of summons — or, depending on our client’s preferences, an Undisputed Debt Collection (IOS) order — will be sent to our bailiff partners (or a bailiff chosen by our client) the same day, with instructions to serve the summons or IOS order no later than the next day. This way, we make sure not a day is lost.

If you prefer not to issue a notice or summons immediately, our staff are also fully qualified to approach your debtor in a professional manner to seek an amicable settlement of the matter. In some sectors, this softer approach proves more effective.


If you do instruct us to issue court summons, you will only be asked to pay the advance costs of that summons. You will receive an invoice for these costs from our

We always strive to settle the matter at the initial hearing. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will object to any long payment terms as far as possible.

As soon as we receive the court’s verdict, we will instruct our bailiffs to serve and enforce that verdict. Again, this ensures not a day is lost. We will always keep you informed by e-mail on all steps taken by the bailiffs to enforce the verdict.

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