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Steven Van Loon




Steven Van Loon was born on 20 February 1977. He attended Antwerp’s UFSIA between 1995 and 1998, before completing his studies at the city’s UIA. He started work as a lawyer in 2000 and has since specialised in corporate law, transport law, construction law and insurance law.

In 2009, Steven founded his own firm focusing on debt collection law, with an additional emphasis on the computerisation and digitisation of cases to ensure quick and transparent processing and to minimise the costs for his clients to an absolute minimum.

Arne Soly




Arne Soly was born on 16.01.1976. He obtained his law degrees at the UFSIA in Antwerp and his law degree at the UIA in Antwerp.

He became a member of the Antwerp bar in 2001 and has since specialized mainly in corporate law.

Since 2010 he has been associated with BLS Advocaten in Antwerp, of which he was co-founder.

He is also a lecturer at the PXL - HOGESCHOOL.

Linde De Muynck

Legal/administrative assistant

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