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Our rates

Our firm always distinguishes between disputed and uncontested files

A. collection files

In case of full collection of the claim, you will be refunded the principal sum and any writ charges.

The balance will be kept as a fee. You will then owe us nothing!

If only the principal sum or part thereof is collected, only an amount of 10% will be charged on the funds already received by way of fees, with a minimum of EUR 75.00 + 21% VAT. For claims over EUR 25,000.00 the commission will be reduced to 9% and for claims over EUR 50,000.00 to 7%.

If nothing can be collected (e.g. due to failure, official deletion or rejection of the claim by default, etc.), you will only be charged a fixed dossier cost of 75.00 euro + 21% VAT. However, this can be reviewed if the claim is lower than 500.00 euro, in which case the administrative costs will be reduced to only 50.00 euro + 21% VAT.

If proceedings have to be instituted outside Antwerp or abroad, any costs charged by our lawyers will be passed on to you on the spot. Naturally, we will always inform you in advance of these charges, as they vary from country to country.

In the event of failure, we will also, if necessary, take care of the filing of the declaration of claim and further follow-up for a flat fee of EUR 150.00 + 21% VAT.


B. legal files + disputed invoices and claims

we charge as follows:



1. Fee

An hourly rate of 150.00€ per hour
Standard letters : 10 minutes per page
Standard mail messages : 8 minutes per mail
Reading incoming mail : 2 minutes per page
Legal services at an hourly rate


2. Concerning dossier costs

Opening file and fixed administration costs file, telephones, office costs, photocopying costs travel costs, within Antwerp edm. : 125,00€
Daction costs letters - deeds : € 12,00 per page
Dactylo charges for mails : 8,00 € per page
Postage : 10,00 € per registered mail
Travelling costs outside Antwerp : 0,75 €/Km –
Parking costs p.m.
Court fees (registry fees) and bailiff fees and fees of experts or technical advisers are not included in the aforementioned rates.
The costs of the bailiff, experts or technical advisers shall be settled directly with the bailiff according to the bailiff's commission and settlement notes.


3. VAT

The fees indicated above shall be increased by 21% VAT on the services rendered.

No VAT is due on court fees (court registry fees - role fees - fund contributions).


4.Limitation of professional liability

The lawyer's professional liability is limited to the amount covered by the Amlin LXX034899 first-order professional liability policy, i.e. to an amount of 2,500,000 euros.

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