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Bridge Legal specialises in commercial law, with the end-to-end collection of unpaid invoices and balances as its core business — both in B2C and B2B relationships.

Bridge Legal is not just another debt collection agency or bailiff: given our wealth of specific legal experience and the fact that your case will exclusively be handled by lawyers and legally qualified staff, we ensure that your case is processed from A to Z (from amicable discussions to court proceedings) at a high standard, with complete transparency, at a clear price and with swift results.

Our specialist experience enables our firm to provide all companies, sole traders or individuals with the same highly effective service.

What our customers say

“I really appreciate the quick and accurate action this firm takes in relation to bad payers before it’s too late. Add crystal-clear communication to the mix, and it soon becomes obvious why we and several of our clients have chosen to work with Advocatenkantoor Van Loon.”

Ruth Boel — Annexe

“We’ve had a great working relationship with Advocatenkantoor Van Loon for several years now. The leisure sector certainly isn’t exempt from issues with clients who have “forgotten to pay” or “never received” our invoices, so we do need to take further steps occasionally. Even though involving a lawyer is usually the last step we take, we’ve noticed we are now doing so at an earlier stage than before — and the quick and excellent results achieved by Advocatenkantoor Van Loon are a major factor in this. Advocatenkantoor Van Loon operates on a very attractive percentage basis in accordance with the results they effectively achieve, and we’ve had a perfect working relationship with this firm for many years. ”

Patrick Van den Bulck – RYCB

“Imtech Belgium is a leading player in the field of installation technology in the tertiary and industrial sector, and our financial monitoring systems are generally sound. Still, we do need to call on an external partner every now and then to recover an outstanding debt. For these cases, Imtech Belgium has a close professional working relationship with Advocatenkantoor Van Loon. We can certainly vouch for Advocatenkantoor Van Loon's professionalism and good character; their determination has proved invaluable in many of the cases they’ve handled for us, both nationally and internationally. ”

Jeroen Van Parijs – CEO Imtech Belgium

“Our Yuki software issues automatic payment reminders to our clients on certain dates. 
Despite the consistency of this system, some customers steadfastly refuse to pay and believe they have the right to ignore our requests. In those instances, our Yuki cases are passed on to Steven and his team, who usually succeed in recovering 100% of funds our unreliable clients owe us... apart from the odd bankruptcy. Keep up the good work! We couldn’t be more satisfied with the work Advocatenkantoor Van Loon does. ”

Marc Coppens – The Yuki Company

“We’ve been working with Advocatenkantoor Van Loon for over a year now, mainly in relation to the collection of outstanding invoices and disputes with clients in the construction sector. Our cases can be quite complex, but Mr Van Loon always turns them around quickly. He’s also always available to discuss the matters at hand, which is a major strong point. We really appreciate his honest advice.”

Stien Van Peer – DL Groep

“Our company has been relying on Advocatenkantoor Van Loon’s services for a number of years, and we’ve never been less than 100% satisfied. Cases in which funds could not or not fully be recovered remain limited to no more than 10%, and all of those are exclusively due to judicial reorganisation proceedings or bankruptcy. Even in those cases, the firm continued to provide us with the best possible guidance. Advocatenkantoor Van Loon offers a range of additional services no standard debt collection agency has been able to provide us with before. ”

Carine Van Nyverseel – Doeco NV

“Advocatenkantoor Van Loon's debt collection services have been supporting the various companies that make up the Dockx Group for over fifteen years. Due to their swift turnaround times, highly accurate working methods and effective case handling, they have been an extremely reliable partner over the years. The personal approach taken on every case and the fact that we’ve never been faced with any surprises regarding fees are two major assets of this firm. In addition, Advocatenkantoor Van Loon exclusively charges on the basis of the effective results they achieve, meaning the financial risk for us as a client is always reduced to a minimum — a fact we’d like to thank them for! ”

Jozef Dockx – Dockx Group

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Bridge Legal is a young, driven and dynamic law firm located on Antwerp’s Eilandje that mainly specialises in commercial law, with a specific emphasis on the collection of unpaid invoices, debts, rents and so on in both B2C and B2B relationships.

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